Dr Timothy Burkhart

Session Title

Managing Disc Pathology

Session Outline:
This presentation will cover the non-surgical treatment options for disc pathology including research/case studies, indications for treatment and contraindications and the clinical implementation.

Learning Outcomes:
Those attending this seminar should have a better understanding of the current clinical indications, procedures, research, contra-indications and expected outcomes for managing disc pathology. An emphasis will be given to current advanced therapies available to practitioners, such as non-surgical axial decompression. Ample time will be provided for participants to ask questions. The goal is that attendees would become more knowledgeable in the most current information for managing difficult disc cases. 


*Dr Burkhart has successfully treated thousands of patients with acute to chronic neck and back pain since 1984. Board certified in integrative medicine, he has the unique blend in the application of both traditional and complimentary health care solutions. He is a leading authority on the integration of non-surgical spinal decompression into clinical practice.

Presenting abroad and in North America, Dr Burkhart is informative and entertaining.Dr Burkhart is a member of the ACA, MAC, AAIM and serves on the Health Professionals Advisory Board for Davenport University, Grand Rapids, Michigan and is a past Regent at Sherman Chiropractic College.
*Registered overseas.