Bernie Ireland

Session Title

Best practice strategies for communication and synergy

Learning Outcomes

  • Create flow on the front desk from inside out
  • Become a more effective and efficient communicator
  • Enhance connection with clients to build your tribe




BernieIrelandBerni has an infectious zest for life! She is powered by her passion for chiropractic that has escalated over her 25 years plus as a chiropractic assistant. Berni, is a mentor, coach and trainer. The remarkable results that Berni achieves for her clients come from her “good friend by your side approach”.  In other words, her advice is easy to understand, easy to implement and, most importantly, is always there when needed.

Through her keynote speeches, seminars, workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions, she has carved a unique niche in the chiropractic profession by helping hundreds of people find the solutions to the challenges they face that are impeding their progress. Berni’s passion is to help chiropractic teams be more so they can do more!
From her perspective and experience as a CA and coach, Berni is able to support teams with an inside out approach. Berni’s special gift of helping people, through getting up close and personal in life coaching, has earned her the title of “People Whisperer.”